Want to sell your source codes on our site? This tutorial will list down the steps you need to take to become a seller and start selling your templates here at code freestyle. What are the benefits?

Benefits of becoming a seller at GetSellApp:

-You personal dashboard where you can track your sales.
-Advanced reporting system to track conversions.
-Commission based selling. You keep 75% on every sale.
-Featured sellers get 80% commission on every sale.
-Monthly payouts with minimum withdrawal limit $25.
-Discount management for your customers using coupons.

-Signing up for a seller account

To sign up for a seller account, go to My Account page. Choose ‘I am a seller‘ and fill out the form. Make sure that you provide correct information to avoid any hiccups in the future. Click ‘Register’ and you are done. You account is automatically enabled for selling. You can access your dashboard by clicking the avatar at top right corner of the screen.


-Adding new products

First thing you need to do is: Zip all of your product files including full project, documentation or any other supporting files. Please note that you must provide full project and documentation files or your product will be rejected.  Now under your dashboard, go to Products and click ‘Add new product‘ button. Fill in the details. Explain your product in details. See other posted products on the site to have some idea. Upload main image for your product. Make sure the image is sized 1000px × 300px. Once done, click ‘Add product‘ to go to next step.


Now on the next screen, check ‘Downloadable product‘. It will list down some more options. If you would like to host your product on some other website, e.g on mediafire, upload your zipped file there and copy the download link in ‘File Url‘ field. Or you may also upload your zip file on our servers by clicking ‘choose file‘.


Add atleast one screenshot/image showcasing your product by clicking ‘Add product images‘. That’s it. Click ‘Update product‘. Leave all other options as is. Our moderators will take care of the rest. Your product will go live on the site once approved by our moderating team. It will normally take 10-20 hours. Questions? contact our live support or drop us an email.

Optional – Discount on your products

If you want to give discount on your products, you may do so by using coupons. Go to coupons section from your dashboard. Create a coupon for your specific product. You may then give coupon code to someone and they can then enter that code at the checkout page to redeem it.


-Set your payment method

Go to settings from your dashboard to set your paypal email address.

-Withdraw payment

Once you reach payment threshold of $25, you can make a withdrawal request. Go to ‘withdraw’ tab from your dashboard to do so.

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